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Development of an Innovative Tracking System for Monitoring Plastic Packaging Waste to Mitigate Marine Littering

Marine littering is undoubtedly a global problem, which becomes even more severe every day, as millions of tons of waste end up in the oceans creating a series of environmental, economic, health and also, aesthetic problems, with the last ones being severely damaging for the tourism industry, which is one of the most important industries for the Greek economy. This project sets its efforts in the determination of streams of plastic waste from land sources, until they reach the shore and before entering the sea. Its ultimate objective is to propose solutions and a roadmap including preventive measures for avoiding or diverging plastic waste from the sea, thus reducing marine littering. For this reason, the scientific project will design and develop an integrated methodology of plastic marine littering management through the use of a customized object identification, tracking and data capturing technology. The developed plastic waste tracking system will be supported by an advanced web platform, which will be responsible for data collection, processing, visualization and reporting to the project’s stakeholders.

Co-financed by Greece and the European Union.

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