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mSense is a system/tool that facilitates sensor collection, processing and actuation by:

  • Consolidation of system input data

  • Consolidation of system output data

  • A central service that interconnects data input with data output

Consolidation of the system input data

The input data of our system is sensor data. The novelty of our system is that the term "sensors" is generic and includes a wide range of devices, systems and subsystems as well as services. It is important to mention here, that the term "device" given to the sensors not only refers to standalone devices, but also to elements or components of other devices. Therefore, we can retrieve measurements from sensors belonging to other devices, like sensors on a mobile phone. Since the term "sensors" translates to the data inputs of the system, we could include in this category the data and metrics that come from other systems and subsystems, such as other computer systems.

Consolidation of system output data

As outputs of our system we consider the commands, given by the system to the actuators. The novelty of our system resides in that the term "actuators" contains commands, given not only to individual devices but to other systems and services as well as is the case for system input data. It is clear that the system capabilities of msense provide a superset of the typical features of a similar system and address a very large set of devices, components, computer systems and Internet services.

Central service that interconnects data input with data output

The novelty of the system though is that this data interconnection is implemented through a web interface and even allows the interconnection of non-homogeneous systems. Our system connects these various systems through the Internet (and in other ways) and the logical linking of the actuators is carried out by a friendly graphical interface available through the Internet. Finally, another novelty is the social networking of users, by publishing some of their sensor data. The innovative automation and control system msense consists of a Non-relational large scale database (NoSQL Database), a main server to provide software services (data acquisition service, actuator & alerting service, aggregation service, administration application), SQL Database, rule engine - workflow and decision making system (BPM), Report - Graph Server, means of control (actuators and sensors) device as indicative implementation.

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