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pLatform for Analysis of Resilient and secUre Software


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Research and Innovation Programme.

LAZARUS (pLatform for Analysis of Resilient and secUre Software) is a three-year research and innovation project that aims to heal many of the security issues that befall modern software during its development life cycle. The recently introduced paradigm of DevSecOps - in medium to large companies - unfortunately, lacks automated security tools, while most existing solutions are targeting only one narrow step of the SDLC process but miss a much-needed holistic overview of the global security solution. LAZARUS innovates by intervening in multiple steps of the SDLC, performing targeted security checks and collecting valuable information and intelligence from each step, and exploiting advanced ML and AI methods to convert this intelligence into actionable insights and recommendations. Moreover, we provide advanced features for developers, that employing our tools would be able to deploy more intelligent and distributed solutions through dedicated APIs. LAZARUS follows an open-source approach for the core functionality, which is supported by a realistic and viable business model for the sustainability and further exploitation of the project after it reaches the end of this financing phase.


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