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Multimedia Content Annotations for Rapid Exploitation in Multi-Screen Environments

The objective of MECANEX project is to devise innovative tools for automatic annotation and editorial support of multimedia content, extraction of personalized information and adaption of enriched multimedia content in multi-screen environments. As the prerequisites of production houses, broadcasters, advertising agencies and online publishing companies for enriched multimedia content increase rapidly, the need of such innovative tools is undeniable. Furthermore, the adaption of enriched multimedia content to multi-screen environments, which enable the automatic porting to different target platforms, such as regular web pages, mobile pages and mobile apps, as well as TV applications, is a significant asset for the global market of enriched multimedia content. The major novelty of MECANEX is the creation of SaaS (REST based) toolkit that provides the aforementioned functionalities, by bringing together complementary expertise and technology of different European companies and research institutes, in order to provide a cost effective multi-screen video metadata enrichment solution for SMEs.

Such tools are adopted by production and post-production companies, as well as by content providers or relevant service oriented companies and are adapted into the creation process. MECANEX offers SMEs to semi automatically enrich video collections for multi-screen application, as well as rapid prototype multi-screen concepts and test related interaction models that eventually improve the chance for SMEs to develop more solid business models, marketing and advertising campaigns. Furthermore, a social and personalization tool is envisioned, which will collect consumers’ preferences and will provide feedback to the aforementioned tools. In a nutshell, automatic annotation, editorial, multi-screen and social and personalization tools will be integrated into a working MECANEX toolkit ready for the production of multimedia content, as well as the advertising agencies.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme.
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