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Exposing the Features in IP version Six protocols that can be exploited/extended for the purposes of designing/building Autonomic Networks and Services

The EFIPSANS project aims at exposing the features in IP version six protocols, that can be exploited or extended for the purposes of designing or building autonomic networks and services. What this means is a study of the emerging research areas that target desirable user behaviours, terminal behaviours, service mobility, e-mobility, context-aware communications and self-ware. Autonomic communication/computing/networking are carried out and out of these areas desirable autonomic(self-*) behaviours in diverse environments e.g. end systems, access networks, wireless versus fixed network environments are captured and specified.

Appropriate IPv6 protocol or architectural extensions, that enable the implementation of the captured desirable autonomic behaviours, are being sought and specified. A selected set of the specified autonomic behaviours are implemented and demonstrated. Also, technical reports on the concrete IPv6 feature combination scenarios, including any new extensions used to implement the selected set of autonomic behaviours, are presented. The vision is that, the specified autonomic behaviour specifications, the identified exploitable IPv6 features and new protocol and architectural extensions will one day be standardized in the long run (after the first 3 years of EFIPSANS).

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme.
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