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Digital Enterprise Innovations for Bioimaging, Biosensing and Biobanking Industries

The future of medicine is digital. Called Health Economy 4.0 the Big Data revolution, that is currently underway, will forever change how healthcare is delivered. This drives personalized medicine and reconfigures the medical diagnostics value chain. According to the EU-funded DIGI-B-CUBE project, a special focus is on the biobanking, bioimaging and biosensing industries. The project identifies the cross-sectoral collaborative potential of small and medium-sized enterprises by combining artificial intelligence and cognitive computing digital technologies with the bioimaging-biosensing-biobanking industries. By accelerating personalized medicine, patients benefit from fast and efficient healthcare systems.

DIGI-B-CUBE project aims to unlock the cross-sectoral collaborative potential of SMEs, by combining Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cognitive Computing Digital Technologies (CCDT) with the Bioimaging-Biosensing-Biobanking (B-CUBE) and related industries to deliver market sensitive disruptive technologies and generating innovative solutions that enhance patient-centered diagnostic workflows, delivered through the improved algorithms for Medical Diagnostics’ efficiency and accuracy. DIGI-B-CUBE studies the characteristics in market dynamics & specificities, for innovations created by merging AI, CCDT & B-CUBE and related industries. By providing a framework for a more structured cross-sectoral and cross-border collaboration, that manages all the complex workflows within the process, DIGI-B-CUBE instantiates the mechanisms to ensure the long-term sustainability of the action, through collaborations of the participating clusters with hospitals, academia, industry, investors, business angels, managing authorities of the national innovation agencies and the European Commission support measures (such as EIT, ESIF).

The main objective of this project is to provide key digital solutions for the reconfiguration of the Medical Diagnostics and related value chains towards a Health Economy 4.0 with a special focus on Biobanking, Bioimaging and Biosensing and related industries. Activities financed by the ESIF in the participating regions, as part of the Smart Specialization Strategies, are bundled in cooperation with the responsible managing authorities in addition to the innovation voucher scheme for SMEs. By integrating innovations in IT into Bioimaging, Biosensing and Biobanking and related industries, this project accelerates the goal of personalized medicine that can eventually offer patients with a fast and efficient diagnosis-treatment-healthcare system.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme.
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